Verizon or Sprint? How to Make a Sound Comparison

by Gina Tina on March 12, 2013

Verizon versus Sprint!

Among the plenty of new technology gadgets today the one which consumers change frequently is their cell phones. Many companies have spot the gold and release many kinds of new model of cell phones and affordable cell phone accessories with all latest updates and phone models. To suit the variety of cell phones, updated set of phone accessories too are getting popular in the market now!

Every day new cell phone models with all new features are increasing. The new technology advanced both in device and in transmission. From one carrier service provider to other they offers different type of services for instances, the maximum BW they can offer with the allowed BW, storage capacity of variety multimedia information like music, movies and other types data transmission. Also the most important service is on the different standard of roaming facilities. The argument is what kind of technology they build on their infrastructure. Both the carrier service providers, Verizon and Sprint have adopted the CDMA technology. The CDMA or multiplexing scheme also varies and W-CDMA is been adopted by Verizon which is similar to Sprints CDMA and it is just a multiplexing scheme. As previous old model of CDMA cell phones never used a SIM, the choice of cell phone which supports them is very limited. Here the Sprint is considered a little bit better since the number of cell phone supported Sprint network is more than others.

Although Verizon who launched CDMA cell phones with SIM cards, the choices are still fewer than which people use. When coverage and roaming is concerned both the service providers are offering the same high quality service but Sprint offers it with cheaper cost when compared to Verizon. Next, as most CDMA cell phones can support IP access and video Verizon is likely better in this area .But the audio quality offered by Sprint is better than the Verizon’s service.

Sprint is Cheaper than Verizon but….

Besides, Sprint shows advertisements to their customers who go for internet and IP access which create some of the customer feel not happy. The Sprint offers cell phones with interpolated VGA resolution screen display which is a disadvantage as it is more than half less than the resolution of most of the smart phones. Sprint introduces the Bluetooth 1.1 for the data transfer between the cell phone mobile and personal computer which is out-dated when compared to other new technology. On the other hand, Verizon offers new standard of the wireless Bluetooth technology. If you have decided to make any purchase of cell phones, many online shops are available and offer you with plenty of high quality cell phone accessories. Most of the cost ranges of cell phone accessories you discover online are usually reasonable and economical.

When the IP access and internet browsing is concerned, both Sprint and Verizon offer good service. Furthermore both services providers released software that is free of error, protect from viruses and stable. Sprint offers a lower cost of data service which is a granted one. As can be seen both have advantages and disadvantages, but for consumers who wants lesser roaming and cheap, they can consider the offer from Sprint. Else Verizon is a recommended as it provides better services with affordable cost. Is it easy for you to choice the services between Sprint and Verizon now?

Watch the video below for the detail comparison!

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