What is Family Locator? Check Our Verizon Family Locator Review

by Gina Tina on December 5, 2013

Stay secure with the Verizon family locator

Among the many different telecom providers all over the world, Verizon wireless is one of the most famous and extensively used networks. This network offers communication services for both residential and business customers. It provides its users a variety of different plans and a wide range of free as well as paid services that would help customers stay connected to their loved ones at all times, wherever they may be. One of the most well known services is the Verizon family locator.

Families that sign up with Verizon wireless and who opt for Verizon family locator can stay in touch with each other, no matter what they may be doing. It provides updated information on the go, whether you are out shopping, or at home reading a book, it would help keep you updated about the whereabouts of your family members at all times. A few basic features that this service has to offer are listed below:

Verizon Family Locator – Arrival and Departure notifications

In this feature, members of the family can get to know when and at what time other members of the family arrive and leave different locations they are at. Children that are going to school or college, parents that are going to work or just kids that are on their way to play a soccer game, this feature helps provide information via a text or email to inform other members that they have arrived or departed the location.

Verizon Family Locator – Exact location of family members

In this feature, all family members can view exactly where the others are. From a detailed map, to the proper location including the proper address and directions to get to that place, are all provided by this special feature. It is a very helpful feature and can be very beneficial when parents are trying to locate where their young ones are at.

Verizon Family Locator – Speed of driving

This is a very essential feature for those parents who have teenage drivers in the family. With being connected to each other with the Verizon family locator, parents can now locate and get to know exactly at what speed they are driving or an estimate of the speed of the car after locating the device. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to teenagers and children.

The Verizon family locator costs approximately $9.99 for up to ten family members. It is extremely easy to use and can be set up with the help of just 4 steps via text. So now family members can feel secure and be rest assured their family is safe whether they are close or even far away from home.

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Verizon family locator

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