What Is The Cheapest Upcoming Sprint Cell Phones?

by Gina Tina on June 3, 2013

Special Report – Best & Cheapest Upcoming Sprint Cell Phones

Cell phones are an integral part of out lives and imagining life without them is next to impossible. When you are on a budget, finding a good deal might be daunting sometimes.Here we list some of the best and cheapest upcoming sprint cell phones.

1. Motorola Photon Q 4G -Once a world leader in the mobile industry Motorola has lost its crown to Samsung and Apple.This new offering from Motorola looks to recapture that place even though we are not sure if that will be possible in the near future. Photon Q comes as a successor to Photon 4G that was released back in 2011.Photon Q improves on its predecessor and fills the gaps left by it.LG Photon Q 4G looks a lot like photon 4G, has a all touch front with a front facing camera capable of capturing 720p quality videos.It comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard which is a great plus but the camera fails to impress.This is the best upcoming sprint cell phone to look forward to.

2. LG Mach- The LG Mach also comes with a physical keyboard and that is the only similarity between the Photon Q 4G and the Mach because Photon Q 4G excels in every other field.Being 100$ cheaper than its counter part the LG Mach is great phone for anyone on a very tight budget.This upcoming sprint cell phone is a decent option if you’re looking to save 100 bucks, but it is certainly not the best option available.

More Cheap Upcoming Sprint Cell Phones

3. Samsung Galaxy Victor 4G LTE – This is one of the cheapest phone on this list.Priced close to the $50 mark the Samsung Galaxy Victor 4G LTE comes with Android 4.0 two cameras and NFC capabilities.The phone feels heavy and bulky when held which does not make it a very option if you need a sleek cell.The Samsung Galaxy Victor 4G sports a 5 megapixel camera and produces some great images thanks to the high quality lenses Samsung has used. All in all Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE is a solid budget Android 4.0 smartphone that’s worth the $50 on-contract fee for those who are waiting for good upcoming sprint cell phones.

4.LG Splendor – Another LG handset in our list of upcoming sprint cell phones is the LG Splendor priced at $79.99.Running on Android 4.0 LG Splendor has a zippy processor, a bright display, and looks great. LG Splendor sports an impressive 4.3-inch screen, has decent battery life, and a 1 GHz processor.It comes with a 5-megapixel camera which offers a great variety of options such as auto focus, a flash, touch focus, timer, continuous shooting, and panoramic shooting.

upcoming sprint cell phones5.LG Optimus Elite – The cheapest phone on the list,LG Optimus Elite,costs just $29.99. This eco-friendly phone keeps the earth green while saving you some money.Other than that the phone is pretty average.The specs are low-end and the camera is average to say the least.Buy this if you care about the environment more than the specs.

This is our list of upcoming sprint cell phones,choose the one that fits your needs and wallet the best. Click here for Sprint New Phones Review report.


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