What Does Sprint Wireless Offer?

Sprint To Sprint Wireless

In this era of technological developments where we have everything wireless, how can internet be left behind? There are a lot of companies providing wireless internet service and Sprint wireless being amongst those giants. Sprint has been a pioneer in providing wireless internet to its customers with best quality wireless internet service at the most competitive rates.

In terms of area coverage Sprint wireless is growing every hour trying to incorporate every part of the world in its network. Sprint with its sprinting fast growth has now covered most of the United States. This name has been using the most advanced technologies to provide its users the best way to access internet through its cellular wireless network. Sprint also manufactures devices which enables you to create Wi-Fi hotspot from your residential internet connection. With its wireless technology Sprint has been successful in providing download speed of 710 Kbps in Urban areas.

Advantages of Sprint Wireless

As we already know that sprint is spreading its wings to reach every square inch of the United States, we can install sprint connection and trust the company to reach the unreached areas. Sprint provides multifunctional plans where you can use its service as your primary telecommunication or cellular service. Sprint wireless comes with high and wide bandwidth ranging between 3mbps and 12mbps for download. Half of the download speed is dedicated to upload and so now you can have the privilege to share and spread your ideas far and wide at lightning speeds. Sprint is using 3G networks but has not neglected the latest developments by welcoming 4G technology. Now 8mbps speed is also possible with Mobile WiMAX technology also called XOHM. Already working well Sprint has launched its 4G Mobile WiMax in the year 2008 in Baltimore.

Places where Sprint has disappointed

Before even planning to access internet through Sprint wireless broadband do not forget to check its coverage map. The map is easily available on the website where you can verify the availability of the service in your present location, also by entering any other address you can know about sprints availability there. Sprint has not been performing well in some places in the Southeast, North Central, West and Mid Atlantic.


sprint wirelessFuture Plans

In the recent press release Sprint has promised to roll out a complete network of having capacity to serve up to 250 million for its LTE technology by the end of this year. LTE is a more advanced technology than 4G. LTE is planned to work at a frequency spectrum of 1.9 GHz. Sprint wireless has already been successful in launching this technology of LTE in middle 2012 which has shown satisfactory results.


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