Sprint Unlimted Data Plan is at $99 per month only

by Gina Tina on January 10, 2013

The New Sprint Unlimited Voice and Data Plan

Sprint has made announcement that it will retain its unrestricted and unlimited voice and data plan combo at USD$99 per month. Stephen Bye, the Sprint’s chief technology officer has announced that the Sprint’s unlimited data plan when he gave speech to a crowd at the 2011 GigaOm Mobilize conference in San Francisco on Monday. This has claimed the rumours have been circulating since early of year. Stephen Bye also assures the audience that the company will continue to provide the offers, unlimited data plans at least for coming 5 years. This also means that among the top 3 Telco carriers, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, only Sprint has started providing the unlimited voice and data.

According to a recent post by Andrew Wayne from Digital Trends, “Both AT&T and Verizon, the two major wireless carriers in the state, have done away with their unlimited voice and data plans altogether. AT&T will provide unlimited voice for only USD$69.99 per month, and charges additional USD$15 for 200 MB per month of data, and only up to USD$45 per month for 4 GB data plan. Verizon has offered almost the same plan, providing 2 GB data plan for USD$30 per month and USD$80 per month for up to 10 GB.”

The Sprint’s CFO, Stephen Bye said that “There’s clearly a cost to support unlimited,” and he also mentioned that there is “strong demand and pressure” from the market to force many carriers to follow their step offering the unlimited voice and data plan in near future. Furthermore, “Now there is a huge technical challenge for them to work on how to bring down their cost,” he said.

The Sprint 4G LTE Network Allows Them to Offer Unlimited Data Plan

Besides, Sprint will soon formally make public its new technology 4G LTE network voice and data plans. According to Andrew Wayne, “Sprint, which currently provides WiMax 4G, has finish installed LTE equipment, and in the progress of testing the new LTE network in certain areas. The Sprint’s Executive Chief, Dan Hesse says that Sprint will formally announce its LTE plans on this year.” The recent announcement and offer made by Sprint have caused some pressure to AT&T and Verizon and especially Sprint now can sell the new iPhone 5. The unlimited data plan has attracted many users to switch over to Sprint. But the Sprint’s network is still new and the massive move may clog the network. Guess we shall wait and see….

sprint unlimted data planMany are still not aware that 4G network will cause our smartphones consume more power, whether they are Apple Iphone, Samsung Galaxy, Android or BlackBerry or IOS. You need to consider buying additional backup battery or hand carry charger for your phones. So will you be changing your current plan to Sprint? Do you need the unlimited data plan? For me, I am living in a rural area where Sprint coverage is fairly marked, so I will keep my current plan with AT&T, who unfortunately is one of the most expensive data and voice plan available now. Perhaps with the new Sprint offer, other carriers like AT&T and Verizon will change their plan and have to go back to unlimited as well. We hope it can happen soon…

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