Should We Subricbe to Sprint Unlimited Data Plan?

Sprint Offers Unlimited Sharing Data Plan with Limited Rates!

Communication is no longer can be separated from our daily lifestyle. But what is the unique or boosting factor in this new lifestyle? Many of you know that our happiness will be multiplied when they are shared as well as our sadness will get halved if we talk to others. We are sure that you could have gone through same experiences in your life. But in today society and lifestyle, most of us are too busy for communication; and this is partly due to our jobs, some even have to leave their family members and friends apart too. Should we compromise our sharing moment for this? Obviously we should not leave the sharing behind.

Sprint and his team understand the problem statement too. They recently offer the Sprint Unlimited Data Plan with affordable pricing! With the unlimited data plan, everyone can talk and share information with no worry now. Sprint is the only major United States wireless carrier that lets customers to sign up for unlimited data plans. On the other hands, other carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T have tied their talk and data plans with many term and conditions.

So how you feel if you are offered with the Sprint unlimited data plan? Probably you will doubt with the offer, but let’s me explain. It is true that unlimited plans are becoming lesser and lesser. Both the top carriers, AT&T and Verizon have begun throttling their grandfathered unlimited customers since 2012, though neither has fixed at specific soft cap. So many new customers have “forced” to choose a tiered or family share plan, worse is the Verizon has the only option shared plans. But Sprint unlimited sharing data plan will remain un-throttled. This new is announced by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse recently. He has stressed that this is important for Sprint to differentiating from the competition. However, Virgin and Boost, the Sprint’s primary prepaid services, will implement the usage restrictions starting on Jan of 2013.

You’ll find two plans laid for the Sprint unlimited data plan, and they are classified as family plans and individual plans. What caught us surprise is that Sprint can offer the unlimited data plan cheaper than some competitors, where the plans are charged at higher cost with limit data usage. Not only that, Sprint unlimited data plan is delivered through its new 4G network. The customers can now turn on their wireless devices every day without worry the data usage. The service is not only allowing you share information, streaming the music, movie and music videos, but it also keeps you and your friends & family together. The 4G network also allow the users to remain connected with vide conference!

What is the Alternative of Sprint Unlimited Data Plan?

sprint unlimited data planWhile you can find big wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon had set their foot on the area of data plan, two smaller wireless carriers, T-Mobile and MetroPCS, are offering the similar unlimited data plan as they try to compete with big boys. According to T-Mobile, under the new unlimited plans, all the data will be running at the promised speed; they have removed the previous plan where once a customer’s usage hit a certain level in that month, it will slow down the speed significantly. MetroPCS also tries to keep their unlimited data plan attractive and offers the cost as low as $55 per month and the plan also includes no limit of calls and texting! To be a smart consumer, always compare the offering from different carriers, it is not surprise that  AT&T unlimited data plan and Verizon unlimited data plan are sometime offered in limited time!


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