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by Gina Tina on August 23, 2013

Distinguished and attractive features of Sprint stores

While you decide to buy a new  cell phone, sprint stores would be the ideal destination for you. The collection of cell phones and unique plans are the vital features of these stores. If you ever pay a visit to a sprint store, you may get totally confused initially due to their diverse options to choose from. But the stores are well equipped with expert professionals who are there to  provide you with their valuable advice while you explore the handsets. One thing is assured, that you will be unable to leave sprint stores without buying  phone, accessories, plans or add-ons as per your requirements, affordability and choice.

Obviously, once you decide to buy a gadget, you are always searching  for the one which is most recent and advanced in terms of technology, available in the market. Side by side, you also want to avail a device which is reasonable in terms of price. To gain unimaginable discounts and special promotional offers, sprint stores can be considered to be the ideal hubs to customers. These stores compel them to visit their stores only, whenever they decide to buy a mobile or any relevant accessory for themselves or their family members. Certain immensely popular sprint phones are available at sprint stores. These phones can either be bought online or will be available at a mortar or brick store:

Sprint Stores with Samsung Galaxy S4

The main feature of a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is a big, high resolution screen which resembles a mini tablet. This handset has received tremendous appreciation in the market and the majority considered this phone to be the best handset available in the market presently. Though certain complaints were lodged by a few customers about this phone, as it has an excessive number of whistles and bells. Irrespective of this minor complain lodged against this mobile, you will find this handset in huge demand in sprint stores. Price rate: Cost: $199.99 – $689.99.

Sprint Stores with Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone5 has gone through an entire remodeling and presently it is manufactured based on an innovative design unique and diverse features. Though certain shortcoming of this iPhone has been traced till date, even then Mac Lovers consider this to be the best among other iPhones. Cost: $99.99 – $699.99.

Sprint Stores with HTC One

sprint storesHTC One has often been signified as “the ideal Smartphone.”This phone is extremely popular being a highly fast and dynamic phone. It operates a quad-core processor, which is highly powerful. The phone is finely designed and crafted. Some unique feature of this phone is its distinct screen and amazing pictures can be taken with this. The shortcoming of this phone is that its case is entirely sealed. There is no replaceable battery meant for user, neither availability of SD expansion slot. Cost: $99.99 – $649.99

Cellphones have become a way of life for many and the Sprint Store has become the central nervous system of this technological world. The mentioned phones are just few of the phones available with mind numbing features available at affordable prices. You may get the same handsets at a better offer from surrounding stores, but the services offered by Sprint stores are unmatched. Most of the Sprint stores hours are from 10.00am until 5.00pm from Mon – Sat.

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