How to Install Sprint SmartView And Resolve Problems?

by Gina Tina on November 29, 2012

The Sprint SmartView is Unique Software Tool to Manage Various of Sprint Internet Connections & Services

Sprint SmartView is designed and released by mobile carrier Sprint and is used by Software Informer customers. The Sprint SmartView versions 2.5 or later are the most stable software version. There are two executable files are included in the software – RunElevated.exe and SprintSV.exe. You need to download this software to make a high-speed Internet connection for your devices anywhere on the Sprint 3G network as well as the Phone as Modem subscribers. The Phone as Modem is currently available for corporate customers and not available for individual customers. The installation and subscription of Phone as Modem software is fully controlled by the employer.

Sprint SmartView is a part of internet connectivity software Sprint provides with most of Sprint wired and wireless broadband cards. It is developed to control all kinds of Sprint connections installed on your computer devices. The Sprint SmartView allows individuals to use single piece of software to manage Wi-Fi connection, mobile broadband connection, dial-up connection and even the fundamental Ethernet connection.

Sprint SmartView is perfect for business internet connections that could vary easily based on where subscribers are working out of that day. The software will automatically launch whenever the computer system is boot up as it is installed in the Windows Startup programs. You also are allowed to remove the software from the Window Startup programs and change to manual mode if you do not need the Sprint SmartView being turned on every time you turn on the computer. This is also can reduce unnecessary resources wasting. One of the features of Sprint SmartView is the One-click activation for supported Apple and Windows computers. The software also enables the GPS features and services and providing the one touch GPS button of the GPS enabled devices. The software also offers easy Wi-Fi connections anywhere around United States if you enrol in one of their carrier plans. The extra fee of the plan is charged based on the user location. The software also offers the unique access to Sprint support services and tools through the one click support button. Furthermore, the software allows the users to change the Enterprise custom configuration. You also can request support by simply contact the Sprint Account Manager for more detail.

How to Solve the Common Sprint Smartview Error 631 and 635?

The most common software error code – Sprint Smartview Error 631 and Sprint Smartview Error 635; the error code represents the numerical value of the error could happen. The error number is important to help the technicians to determine the type of error. Besides, the number also tells some information about the error, the possible root cause of the error and the possible solution which can help solving the error. The error numbers are developed to manage the potential problems in common error code format developed by windows and additional software program and driver running on the Windows O/S. One of the most common Sprint Smartview Error 631 could be is the Window system files entries are corrupted. Re-install the software is the only way to resolve it.

sprint smartviewThe Update PRL and Update Firmware features are not offered in the Sprint SmartView Mac 64bit. For Sprint SmartView for windows , the users just need to connect the computer devices to obtain latest updates according the device roaming setting or firmware setting. The corresponding update buttons are both available and work for version 1.1 or later.

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The video below shows how use your Blackberry as wireless modem with Sprint Smartview!

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