Sprint picture mail website | What to do after it discontinues

by Gina Tina on September 11, 2012

Sprint Picture Mail Website – One of the best online storage

Sprint Picture Mail Website back before the era of the iPhone Smartphone and Android wars was a well known service called the “Picture Mail.” It is still called that, however we now refer to it as the “MMS”. Sprint Picture Mail is one of the mobile technology that is provided by the Sprint to customers. The technology allows the Sprint mobile phone customers to send as well as receive digital pictures like photos with other Sprint customers by the method of cellphone. The Sprint Picture Mail also allows the customers to access the transmitted photos online through their cellphones. In other words, customers can take any photos and upload to Sprint servers and download to local hard drive for enhanced viewing. The Sprint Picture Mail had very nice features akin to what the images and the rest of the photo sharing sites have, given that all of your sent pictures were kept safely online in a pleasant storage area therefore giving you the facility to keep or store your photos and later share them with your friends right from your computer via the Sprint Picture Mail Website.

The Sprint Picture Mail Website had a mobile feature that actually offered its Sprint customers who owned and operated the mobile phones with the Sprint Picture Mail capability. The feature enabled the cellular phone user to receive and send the digital photos to another compatible user by way of cellular phone. The services of the Sprint Picture Mail Website also supported the online access so that the user can view the photos which had been transmitted via the mobile phones. The pictures taken through the mobile phone could be uploaded and then downloaded to the computer’s hard drive for a more enhanced viewing. No doubt, the Sprint online albums feature becomes one of the best features. To access this Sprint feature was something anyone could have done as long as you had the cell phone that was equipped with this Picture Mail feature.

The Sprint customers had received some sought of communication from their carrier through the Sprint Picture Mail Website regarding any photos that they may have stored online. This included the pictures uploaded with the Smartphones or the feature phones, or even those uploaded from the computer directly. The Sprint Picture Mail Website had been around for approximately 10 years alongside their owned custom email services. Why is the sprint picture mail website being discontinued? With more customers however moving towards the Smartphones, lots of data became more centralized and also less dependent on Picture Mail online storage. With cloud services for instance Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive, Google and many other notables, the Sprint Picture Mail may have seen a very sharp decline in need if any at all to offer this service over a long run.Sprint Picture Mail withdrawal.

Sprint picture mail website discontinued

On April 30, 2012 the Sprint Picture Mail Website closed down its services. The management had earlier issued an alarming notification that they have decided to discontinue offering the online storage service. They directed their customers to check their bill inserts and their online account for the notifications and more information. They also requested them to download their photos prior to the deadline date of otherwise they may lose them forever! The Sprint Picture Mail had all along facilitated their subscribers to take snap photos with the handsets and then reorganize and then edit the images in the Sprint online albums. The customers were also able to transfer the pictures for printing in over 9,000 retail locations all across the U.S. The management didn’t respond to many of the requests prior to deadline date. However the Sprint Community Forums spells out that the reasons behind the Sprint Picture Mail Website demise was due to the growing significance of platforms such as Flickr, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram who have relegated the sharing services and the operator driven media storage to a second-class status.

sprint picture mail websiteNow, the ubiquity of the online sharing and storage platforms has been struck a blow, with the Sprint Picture Mail Website news that it’s discontinuing the storage and the Picture Mail online organization service. Having known the Picture Mail as a web portal for the Sprint clients to access their MMS videos and photographs that they had received or sent, and where one could organize the photos into an album, download them, and also share them with our friends. Well, the Sprint Picture Mail was a useful piece of functionality that surpassed its existence and time several years ago; However, despite the fact that it was a tool that surpassed its time, just like the way technology changes with time it is now an instrument whose utility has already been clearly superseded by other alternatives and advent such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Flickr platforms that offer the same services. The Sprint Picture Mail shuttered down with it our well known storage service in Picture Mail MMS and the online album organizer service in Sprint Picture Mail Website.


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