Special Report for Upcoming Sprint Phones 2013

by Gina Tina on May 18, 2013

What  are Sprint Phones 2013?

After 2012 enjoyed the glory of many technological revolutions including those of iPhone and iPad, 2013 is likely to take this transformation further and especially when it comes to Sprint Phones 2013.

ZTE Grand S has managed to steal the Sprint Phones 2013 show in one of the most awarding fashion. With a really lovable interface and hardware, this cell phone has taken mobile phone transformation a step further. However, what makes it admirably unique is the fact that it combines a powerful capability of an extreme lightness and brightness making it perfect for all seasons. Indeed, with a set of very serious specs including but not limited to 1080p 5-inch screen, dual RAM gig, snapdragon s4 pro processor quad-core, 16GB build in processor and a 134mp camera functionality, ZTE Grand S has increased phone performance and operational efficiency.

Lenovo K 900 falls next in our Upcoming Sprint Phones 2013 platform. Unfortunately, it hasn’t managed to hit U.S phone market despite its brilliance in display as well as its gorgeous piece of both hardware and software. Wherever possible, Lenovo K 900 can slice and dice performance by featuring a 5.5 inch 1080p screen which perfectly good for the eye. As if this is not enough, the phone has featured an extremely super thin interface operating on android. Equipped with a Sony Exmor image processor displayed by the equitable 13MP camera, Lenovo K 900 will definitely get its way in peoples’ pockets, not only at the dawn of 2013, but also in consequent years.

Exploring the Scope of other Sprint Phones 2013

Huawei has made a comeback with a notorious stunt with its highly integrative and customizable Ascend D2 model. Although Huawei Company has been primarily in manufacturing and distribution, it has extended into customer products, high tech, clean energy and phone apparel. Quite a perfect fit in the Sprint Phones 2013 platform, Huawei Ascend D2 trails behind a great music performance that is supported by the all powerful 3,000mAh battery. Pretty much a similar story as the ZTE Grand S model above, Huawei Ascend D2 runs on the Android Jelly Bean with a split multi-touch screen. Big up to Huawei, it has managed to use a market slowdown process to make significant IT and phone improvements that could be scheduled previously-they include; application modules, changing systems and upgrading. Indeed, you can always count on Ascend D2 with its powerful reality navigation built-in argumentum.

sprint phones 2013Packing a gorgeous and equally powerful 5-inch 1080p bravia screen, Sony Ericson Xperia ZL has preached a beauty every phone user would like to hear. However, with its performance being credited behind an integrative set of storage specs including a 2GB RAM, a 15GHz s4 pro Quad core, the device has managed to distinguish itself as an extended storage. In fact, its 13MP camera complimented by a RS Exmor chip will still struggle to sustainably fill the storage even it means taking long HDR video coverages. Although the Xperia ZL has been a short runner as compared to its Levono and ZTE competitors by featuring a 2370mAh, it is indisputable to say that it is still an impressive feat. And whenever possible, featuring an IR blaster, the phone can be used for universal remote control purposes. With these Sprint Phones 2013 or new sprint phones, you can now award yourself a dash of sophistication. Afterall, this is one of the reasons cell phones were invested in technology some years ago, and ever since, they have broadened that investment. Windows phone 8 and Tizen phones are also next new upcoming phones. Stay tune for more reports.


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