Know About Sprint PCS Cell Phones?

by Gina Tina on March 6, 2013

All About Sprint PCS Cell Phones

The phone services company name Sprint, almost everyone, in regards to phone services, is familiar with it. The company is founded in year 1899 in a town, Abilene Kansas, by an entrepreneur named Cleyson L. Brown. That time, Sprint was known as Brown Telephone Company and the company underwent a fast growth spurt because it owned advanced telephony technology, and it became a great demand in the rapid growing telephone industry by the year 1976. Sprint wasn’t emerged as worldwide name and success internationally until the company launched a series of technological advances such as the first United State fiber-optic transmission, as well as the first nationwide and fiber-optic transatlantic phone call in 1989.

By the year 1993, from an unofficial record mentioned that Sprint offered phone services for more than seven million customer lines in 19 different states in United States. Sprint, along with its business counterparts, acquired a total of 29 PCS wireless licenses in major trade zones in FCC’s first auction happened in the year 1995. Therefore, Sprint PCS service was introduced, as well as the Sprint PCS cell phones. The following articles will introduce the Sprint PCS cell phones, different from other PCS cell phones, as well as their reasonable and flexible calling service plan which is offered with Sprint PCS cell phone plan.

Different Types and Styles of Sprint PCS Cellular Phones

You are allowed to choose from a huge variety of types and designs of Sprint PCS cell phones, after you have decided on a Sprint PCS cell phone plan. It is very often Sprint launches different types of attractive offers, or very low price discounts on the most popular and latest types of Sprint PCS cell phones.

Most of time, you will can find a lot of instant savings offers, as well as discounts on the most popular Sprint PCS cell phone models on their official online websites. For instance, there is the Vision V1660 by Samsung. This type of Sprint PCS cellular phones are designed with a many variety of niche features including a compact design, clam shaped style. With the online special promotion, while the original value of this cell phone is around $150, it can be bought at $30.00 off the retail value. This special promotion is only available on their website. Other popular Sprint PCS cell phones include, but are not limited to: smartphones phones like Sprint PCS Iphone , Sprint PCS Samsung SIII; PCS vision phones and so on. Without question there are too many Sprint PCS cell phones with features that meet all of your requirements.

The Sprint PCS Affordable and Flexible Cell Phone Plan

sprint pcs cell phonesWhile there are different types of plans available for PCS cell phones, Sprint has specially offered a variety of service selections to help make sure that their customers will receive the most talk times for the best value. The Sprint PCS Fair and Flexible Cell Phone Plan in fact prevent Sprint’s customers from over charging with unnecessary cost. This special plan is made to add low-cost minutes to your current plan when it is necessary. The Sprint Fair and Flexible Cell Phone Plan also provide unlimited night and Saturday & Sunday talk times to its customers, as well as nationwide unlimited long-distance 24 hours a day. Just imagine how much money you can save by using the Sprint PCS plans and cell phones. Finally, you will not have to worry about any unexpected costly over-charges with all the plans offered by Sprint.

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