Sprint iPhone 5 – Everything You Need to Know

by Gina Tina on November 17, 2012

The Sprint iPhone 5 Special Review Report

The Sprint iPhone 5 is a highly recommended smartphone. The reception of iPhone 5 was solid, as well as the phone voice quality was quite effective. Most of the users do not have issue hearing callers over loud noise with bare ears, and we liked the visible and quality tone. The sound transmissions through the smartphone built in microphone from a noisy and loud area able to filter the background noise as well, but the voice quality was a bit scrambled. The speakerphone of the Sprint iPhone 5 was well acceptable, the volume and communications came through flawless. Apple is very strict in choosing their mobile carrier business partnerships, so in the end they are able to control the sales, pricing and launch date indirectly. Sprint is one of their partners and the Sprint iPhone 5 is sold since the iPhone 5 was launched in October 2012.

The Sprint iPhone 5 is sold with $199 or more. With exactly the same model, it is sold with the same price on other mobile carriers like Verizon Wireless. The iPhone 5 takes the previous iPhone’s traditional gains, including a well-designed reliable interface, marvellous application software and games, and strong retail support, and exactly extends the ecosystems. The difference between Sprint iPhone 5 and Verizon iPhone5 is all about the network and service plans. However, Sprint is the only iPhone carrier providing the unlimited data, but you will be slowed with current Sprint infrastructure until they build a new and wider 4G LTE network.

You only can talk and browse concurrently if the data connection is connected through LTE or strong WIFI connection. The Sprint iPhone 5 doesn’t have the competency of having the SVDO; therefore the users cannot use 3G and talk simultaneously. The Verizon iPhone 5 doesn’t have SVDO either. Even though the feature is available on the other Sprint and Verizon LTE smartphones but this is the decision from Apple to exclude it, the only technique Verizon and Sprint iPhone 5 can provide real-time concurrently voice and data capability is through Wi-Fi connection and it is useless when the users are on the move. Without the WiFi connection, Verizon and Sprint iPhone 5 users will receive a built-in message that reads “Cellular data connections are not available during this call” when users launch the Web browser or any Internet based applications like Twitter or Ebay during a phone call.

The Sprint iPhone 5 Versus with Other’s iPhone 5

Sprint similar to Verizon wireless has confirmed with their customers that they will not be able to access voice and data connection all together. The official reason given is that Sprint iPhone 5 doesn’t built with third antenna which could possible supporting the feature. On the good side, with the new iOS 6, the Sprint iPhone 5 can support the FaceTime feature over cellular connections. This is very useful feature especially for the hearing impaired users. However, AT&T is completely blocking FaceTime over cellular connections unless users pay them extra for new shared data plans. You should check the contract you have from Sprint and Verizon as they do not charge extra for the FaceTime. Besies, the FaceTime makes no technical difference with normal data connection.


sprint iphone 5After running a series of phone call testing with iPhone 5 on different mobile carriers, we compare the phone talk time results in consistent with Apple’s claims. There are significant performance variations between each iPhone 5 model, though. The average talk time for the AT&T iPhone 5, for instance, was 7 hours and 30 minutes, which is less than 8 hours claimed by Apple. While the average talk time for Verizon iPhone is 8 hours and 5 minutes, slightly better than Apple’s benchmark. The Sprint iPhone 5 performance results are outstanding and they match and even exceed the Apple’s benchmark 8-hour, coasting for 8 hours and 20 minutes. Check with the nearby Sprint Customer Service now, you will receive special deals with Sprint iPhone 4s and other Sprint phones.
Sprint offers iPhone 5 with Truly Unlimited data. The company also offer $100 off if customers switch their number to any iPhone on Sprint! Watch the video for more information!

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