8 Reasons Why Your Sprint Cell Phone Battery Might Be Dying

by Gina Tina on January 17, 2014

Why Our Sprint Cell Phone Battery Is Not Lasting Long?

My Sprint cell phone battery keeps getting reduced when I require it …’ ‘But I charged it simply today …’ ‘What’s the heck’s wrong with this battery …?’ ‘It’s simply a years of age … How can it fail?’. We usually grumble about it, and the majority of the time we choose it is the phone manufacture’s fault.

Truth is, cellular phone technology has actually proliferated over the past 4-5 years, however battery technology simply hasn’t kept up. Mobile phone make use of lithium-ion batteries with a regular life-span of 2-3 years. When completely charged, they are effective power sources and frequently last a couple days.

If we remember 2003, it had not been unusual to discover mobile phone that provided simply 1 hr of talk-time with a standby time of under 24 hrs, compelling us to charge every night, over night. Nowadays, regardless of all the processing power included, we can anticipate the normal Nokia or Sony cellular phone to last much longer than that– Say 4-6 hrs of talk-time and 2-3 days of standby time. Now, why do we get a genuine 50-75 % of that? This is why.

We have to take into account that producers check the phone for calling and SMS just when it pertains to Sprint cell phone battery life, they do NOT release the battery life when utilizing lots of applications. Battery life is checked just for the fundamental uses of the phone. Under “typical” use conditions, nevertheless, we do a lot more than that. Right here are 8 of things that a cellular phone has the tendency to take part in on a real-world basis:

Here is the 8 reasons that harmful your Sprint Cell Phone battery:

1. Bluetooth on most all the Sprint phones always being turned ON.
2. We’ve got several applications running in the foreground and background – even those we’re not utilizing.
3. E-mails are being sent out and the Internet is being searched.
4. The brightness of our phone display is readied to high by default.
5. We’ve got noises and vibrating informs on, instead of useful ringtones.
6. For tourists and company users on roaming, the phone is continuously finding a signal– which eats into valuable battery time like nobody’s company.
7. We have the tendency to overcharge our battery by keeping it plugged in for over 24 hrs, or the reverse– entirely release the battery prior to charging it once more.
8. (and even more typically), our phone is continuously exposed to heat, cold, dust, rain, oil fumes, vibrations and shocks, consisting of unintentional drops on a difficult floor.

The first 6 take in power while the last 2 can irreversibly harm the Sprint cell phone battery.

Low power is things users grumble about many, and the even more service a Sprint cell phone offers, the even more energy is taken in, however too you worry processor and memory.

The general efficiency of our Sprint cell phone battery depends greatly on exactly how successfully the battery is utilized in daily circumstances. By minimizing simply a few the points above, the battery will last longer– not simply in between charges however likewise over its total life expectancy.

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