Do You Need Sprint Asurion Insurance for Your Phone?

by Gina Tina on August 10, 2013

Sprint Asurion is the single name of mobile protection

Asurion is an eminent name in the field of technology fortification services. In addition, Sprint has of lately declared their merging with Asurion to provide their potential customer base an opportunity to have their handset insured by means of subscribing to Sprint’s latest TEP that is TOTAL EQUIPMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE PROGRAM.

Sprint Asurion is very much conscious about their customer base and therefore they are seeking out improved technologies to provide safeguard to customer’s personal data and privacy. Sprint Asurion is quite familiar for providing protection services and so in this regard have brought in the market a liberal enrollment period for Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection which is nothing but handset insurance program.

Brief sketch about TEP of Sprint Asurion

If you don’t know about TEP service then here is some piece of information. TEP service hints at an insurance program. This insurance program of Sprint Asurion in meant to provide protection against loss and damage even if the phone is stolen or any incidence of out of warranty technical failure occur, water injury and in varied similar cases. Sprint Asurion sends a replaced handset overnight. Hence, a customer must have the TEP program. Then if in any case the set is stolen, damaged or lost the sprint company takes the yoke of sending another similar set. This awesome partnership of Asurion and Sprint manages everything quite tactfully and send a brand new set replacing duly the defective set. However, all this is possible based on insurance. Nevertheless, this can only take place if the customer in difficulty makes a claim by 11 o clock that night or else the device will be substituted the next day.

Other benefits that a TEP subscriber can derive

There are some additional benefits a Sprint customer be blessed with such as no extra restoring costs for in-store services; subsequent business day replacement for loss, damaged or stolen demands; capacity to file demands online with email notice for claim and shipment standing comprehensive client service hours. Then the Protection App which permits qualified devices the capability to remotely locate lost devices, remove, backing, administer and refurbish contacts. Strong customers can subscribe to the TOTAL EQUIPMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE service by paying monthly fees per service. TEP involves a protection app, permit clients to discover an absent phone by ringing an alarm within the device. The same App comprises the capacity to remotely lock an absent phone. and then use GPS technology to locate the locked phone. It offers customers the ability to automatically and wirelessly sync their contacts and shift saved contacts to a new phone.
Asurion and its plans for lost mobiles

sprint asurionAsurion is fundamentally , a private company having its network rampant all across three continents provide sustain to assist customers acquire optimal advantage from the use of electronics; assurance to assist always make certain content privacy; and peace of mind by means of fast replacement of stolen, lost, damaged or not working devices. The comprehensive Sprint Asurion plan will often replace the device overnight when a claim is made by 11:00PM EDT. Sprint’s TEP include protection from high device substitution costs, rapid and trouble-free, 24x7x365 demand filing and internet tools for missing phone and data safety. The TEP open enrollment is available to all Sprint clients. Want to know more? Visit the Sprint Asurion website and check for Sprint Asurion Number now!


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