What Are the Best Prepaid Smartphones on the Market Currently?

by Gina Tina on March 29, 2013

What Type of Prepaid Smartphones You Can Get?

Prepaid smartphones are very popular since they do not carry any restriction unlike contract phones. If you find good mobile plans for your SIM-free phone, you can be better off by buying the phone first (and paying an upfront cost) and then paying a smaller monthly tariff for your plan.

But what are the best prepaid smartphones on the market currently? The market changes quite quickly, but for now, these are the best 5 deals you can find: 1. Samsung Galaxy S3, 2. iPhone 5, 3. Samsung Galaxy Note II 4. Nexus 4 5. HTC One X

The Big 2 – Samsung vs. iPhone – Samsung is trying to gain more and more room in the US market breaking the iPhone’s dominance, and they do it successively. Both their S3 and Note II phones offer great user experience for an acceptable price. Both the S3 and the Note II have Quad core processor, HD resolution (1280×720) and an 8 megapixel camera. Both phones are massive in size (4.8 and 5.5 inches) so they are good for watching movies as well. And, of course, they have 4G capability. Their current price is also reasonable, ranging from $550 to $650 (but you can find better deals as well).
Obviously, the iPhone 5 is still a heavy rival for these phones and in its specs, it offers almost the same level of quality. You can get a 4-inch screen with 1136×640 resolution, and a dual-core processor (slightly lower performance compared to Samsung’s phones) and it also has 4G capability. The other features are about as you can get with Samsung phones. Since the release rush is over for the iPhone 5, you can get it for around $500 prepaid. Prepaid iphone is currently the hottest item now!

The rivals – other prepaid smartphones (HTC One X and Nexus 4)

Other prepaid smartphones manufacturers including Google and HTC tries to get into the smartphone race as much as they can. HTC released its One X a year ago and it still counts as a top phone on the market. Its Quad core processor, 1280×720 screen and 4.7 inch size offers almost the same quality as the Samsung S3, but for a much lower price. The HTC One -X’s only setback is its battery life; if the phone is used heavily, it may not last a whole day without charging. Its price – since it is not a new release – is very tempting: you can get it for $475-500 at certain dealers.
The Nexus 4 is also fighting for stardom with its size: 4.7 inches with 1280×768 resolution, and again a Quad core processor. You could not ask for more. Its price is also in the $550 range so certainly a bit cheaper than Samsung’s phones.

A word of warning – new releases are coming prepaid smartphones

prepaid smartphonesBefore you go head first and buy any of these phones, bear in mind that many new smartphones are released in the next couple of weeks. Samsung Galaxy S4 with eye-tracking feature will be released as well as HTC’s One XL model that is even better than its One X release. So, before you buy any of these prepaid smartphones, make sure you are aware of the steep price drop that may come once these new phones are released. Check the Sprint official website for sprint prepaid now!

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