Best Tips Of Using Your International SIM Cards

by Gina Tina on October 8, 2013

Do’s and Don’ts When You Are Using Your International SIM Cards

No doubt, getting the international SIM cards are valuable to your overseas trip. These cards are local SIM cards of the destination country that are shipped to you before your departure. Many travellers like to buy the services for either short or long trips. But some of them have quit using the service once they find out the additional cost is much higher than their expectation. You can use the following dos and don’ts of the service during your travel to prevent the unexpected billing amount.

Dos of using International SIM cards

Some of the dos advices for making use of SIM services are mentioned below:

  • You should keep the SIM card in your possession securely to avoid any kind of abuse
  • The dialling directions differ from country-to-country. It is crucial to use the proper dialling instructions to decrease your outbound calling expenditure
  • You must ensure to carry a network unlocked and right hand phone
  • You need to make use of add-on information bundle services when using the internet services.
  • You have to contact your account manager to report the loss of your Card. They will block the Card immediately to stay clear of any type of abuse. The usage on your SIM until it is obstructed will be your sole duty.

Don’ts of using International SIM cards

Some of the don’ts advices for making use of SIM services are mentioned below:

    • You should not make use of international SIM cards while taking a trip on cruise ships as it catches satellite network and charged as per actual location network rates
    • You should avoid using country-specific SIM card outside the country. You will have to pay huge amount as it works as an international roaming card
    • All toll-free numbers or local directories of the foreign country are charged if you dial from outside of country. It is better to avoid using them during the international trips
    • Try to avoid using any GPRS service as auto synchronisation and auto-updates are usually charged higher fees than usual
    • You must not forget to ask the return receipt from the network service provider after returning the inventory to prevent any extra rental fees

If you follow the above advices, you should be safe from using the internal SIM cards and don’t worry with any unforeseen billing. When you share your needs with network service providers, they can provide you the best plan for your journey and will also give you the right tips that can save a lot during your travel.

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