Special Tips: How to Make Sprint Ringtones

by Gina Tina on February 20, 2013

How to Make Sprint Ringtones

Everyone who has a Sprint mobile phone appreciates the fun and the difficulty of making their cell phone unique. This is true despite what mobile phone provider is designated on the phone. This is true for everybody on the Sprint cell phone network. One of the simplest methods to customize a mobile phone is by changing the ringtones that are on it. Individuals can remove ringtones from the mobile phone or they could add ringtones to it. Sprint mobile phone individuals can additionally develop their very own ringtones for use on their mobile phones.
A lot of ringtones that are on a phone has a lot to do with the phone’s owner. More youthful mobile phone owners are savvier than older individuals, so they will commonly have more ringtones on their mobile phone. Also, individuals who work will have less ringtones on their mobile phone since they are either too active or they are aware of the amount of ringtones cost. To prevent extreme expense, owners of Sprint mobile phones are able to make their own ringtones for their phones.
Creating a custom ringtone for your Sprint mobile phone

This procedure will require 2 software programs:

  • Windows Movie Maker. This is a software that is pre-installed on most of the Windows computers. Find this software on the computer now so it prepares to make use of in the following process.
  • WinFF. This is a cost free software program. Install this prior to continue with following procedure to develop a ringtone.

Develop your favourite ringtone for the Sprint phone

1. By using a USB cable, link your Sprint phone to the computer system.
2. Launch the Windows Movie Maker program.
3. Import your favourite audio clip files or your MP3 songs into a Windows Movie Maker project.
4. Import an attractive image file (e.g. jpeg or bitmap) into the Windows Movie Maker project.
5. Use the Windows Movie Maker interface to design and make a short movie clip (not more than 30s). Choose and pick any section of the file. Use the “Split” choice on the right side of the screen under the video review window. Right click on the sections of the song you want to ignore.
6. Get the clip with the mouse and slide the clip to the start of the time line.
7. Right click the created 30second movie clip and select the fade in and/or fade out feature if needed.
8. Complete the movie clip by clicking the “Publish Movie” option on the Windows Movie Maker device bar. Select “This computer” as the store location. Give it a name and store it to a known place on the pc. Under “Publish To” pick “Videos.” In the “Publish Movie” window, select “Windows Media Portable Device” from the “More Options” option. Complete and publish the video movie clip.
9. Launch the WinFF program.
10. In the WinFF program interface, click the “Add” button on the menu and include the video clip that was simply created in Windows Movie Maker.
11. In the “Convert To” dialog, select “Mobile Phones.”.
12. Under “Device Present, Select “CDMA Phone Audio (3g2). Select the media folder on the affixed mobile phone to receive the converted file.
13. Click the “Convert” button on the menu bar.
14. The new ringtone is produced and is now on the phone.

Selecting the new made ringtone on the Sprint mobile phone

Depending on which Sprint mobile phone model is in use, the process to select the new ringtone to incoming calls might be slightly difference. Go to “Settings” and then “Display” and followed by “Incoming Calls” to assign the new ringtone “video” to play when a call comes into the mobile phone.

Several methods to use ringtones on Sprint cell phones

Owners can select ringtones on Sprint mobile phones as a default ringtone or as a ringtone for specific caller ID calls or even for phone calls that have no caller ID. Owners can assign ringtones for any of the phone contacts that are on the contact list which store in the phone. This means that the selected ringtone will show when that particular phone number calls the mobile phone.
Ringtones also can play for certain calendar special events and as daily alarm clock sounds. Different ringtones are also selected with other features like incoming text messages, video messages and picture mail messages.


sprint ringtonesMaking ringtones for Sprint phones is enjoyable, but phone users must consider couple of things. First, check the memory space available on the mobile phone. Ringtones can easily take up memory fast so reserve a new memory card to keep a lot of ringtones. Therefore it is a good to buy a larger memory card if possible.

“Free” ringtone providers found through internet are harmful so use them with extra caution. Most of these websites (including the ones you found through the paid ads on Google) are scam sites designed to collect mobile phone numbers and other mobile users’ information. They will charge mobile phone numbers for extra fees without authorization.

One final thing: when making Sprint mobile phone ringtones, the user should ensure that the song is legal so that you will not violate any intellectual property rights and copyrights. Click here for Sprint Picture Mail Login Page Information.

Watch the video to learn how to make ringtones on your iPhone!

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