Special Review Report – Family Locator Sprint

by Gina Tina on October 27, 2013

The Pros and Cons of the Family Locator Sprint

The family locator Sprint service introduced by Sprint is one of the most used as well as one of the best family locator’s available in the current market. It is an easy and reasonably accurate way to track and keep an eye on other family members and there whereabouts. Although most people would consider this an invasion of privacy, it is often essential to have a close watch on young teens as they go about their daily routine.

The family locator Sprint service is mostly used by adults who are concerned about the safety of their children as they go to school and other activities. It is simple to use and gives detailed information to the adults as and when they want it. The family locator Sprint allows adults to ensure that they children are in the exact place where they should be at all times. Many families have started using this service after reading the great reviews of current users. But, with all good, comes a little bad. Here are some of the pros and cons of this service.

Family Locator Sprint – No Downloading Required

The biggest pro is that most locator’s need to be downloaded on the device’s of all the members of the family in order to be tracked. The family locator Sprint does not require the added headache of downloading. It gets activated as soon as the plan in activated. This means that the children cannot remove the service to avoid being tracked. However, the con here is that if the GPS of the device is turned off, the Sprint family locator accuracy is greatly affected.

Family Locator Sprint – Cost of the Service

The cost of the service is reasonably low as a per month investment. The price for the service is just 5 dollars a month and this is really good for a service this good. This is definitely a pro for the service offered by Sprint. On the other hand, another con of the family locator Sprint is that 5 dollars a month accumulates to 60 dollars a year. This is something quite steep for a service like this, especially when there are many apps available for a lower rate and a onetime payment. Cancel family locator Sprint as soon as it is not needed.

Family Locator Sprint – Limited to Sprint Users

family locator sprintThis is one of the most vital cons of the service. The Family Locator Sprint only works on Sprint and Nextel mobile phones. Many kids choose to leave the family plan and get their own phones with different carriers and this is where the locator fails. It does not work on other phones and the parents and adults cannot keep a track of them.

All in all, the locator offered by Sprint is a pretty good way to go if the family members agree to being tracked. The family locator Sprint service has a lot to offer and in constantly upgrading and improving itself. There are many people using the service and have come back with some great reviews as well as some not so great ones. The bottom line is that this service could be very helpful for concerned parents and guardians.

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