How to locate your family members? Try the family locator app now!

by Gina Tina on October 20, 2013

The Family Locator App Goes Very Popular

The U.S based technology, family locator app has been a great hit and is no more an alien technology, it has found its popularity even in the Asian countries where people have started downloading this particular technology from the internet. The biggest advantage that a family locator app provides is the peace of mind. You can easily keep an ever watchful eye over your family, to ensure their safety.

Life360 is the best known family locator app which is now very commonly used for communicating with the near and dear ones, quicker than ever experienced. The most widely used mobile phones like BlackBerry, iPhone, Android have this application embedded which makes them even more popular among folks. With few easy steps you can quickly download and install this app on your family’s phone, and you can keep a constant check on your beloved family member.

What does family locator app do?

Either the family locator app Verizon, AT&T family locator app or family locator app for Tmobile. The application has the main work of tracking the location of the family members on the world map. It could also help to save the locations on the history page for future use. One of the most interesting features is that it gives instant alerts and updates from the family locations. For most of the cases, this application is available for free however for the paid service there are some added features. It would allow unlimited phones to track through the application. It would feature step wise direction from one location to the destination location. This app is most helpful in foreign countries, where you can easily track other family members and avoid the risk of getting lost at an unfamiliar place.

Application for iPhone and BlackBerry

BlackBerry and iPhone are two most common mobile phones that are used by tech-savvy people. The family locator app is a user friendly interface which has been used by people to maintain continuous communication. It keeps the people in sync with the other members of the family. Also, knowing the whereabouts of the kith and kin keeps one’s mind at rest.

Life360 Family Locator App

Life360, as mentioned is one of the most widely used family locator. It was mainly used with BlackBerry and iPhone. This software based application is absolutely safe to use. Another important feature of the application is that it helps to locate the phone if it is lost or stolen. It is available on iOS, BlackBerry and Android for free. It still supports the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store as well as the international maps. This is the reason Life360 has been chosen to be the best family locator app for Android!

family locator appIn this present technological era, the world has really turned to a global village. There are a number of families who stay away from their near and dear ones in the virtue of work or study. Thanks to family locator app this has brought the world and the hearts closer; eventually creating a web-based home! It goes without saying how much the entire generation and to some extent the previous generation has become dependent on the technologies.


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