How to Avoid Cell Phone Contract Penalty

by Gina Tina on December 24, 2012

Do You Know You Can Easily Get out of Your Cell Phone Contract without Paying a Penalty

When you sign your one or two-year cell phone contract, the business is considered a done deal. It is a done deal that is, unless you are ready to recompense an early termination penalty fee that allows you quit whenever you want. A lot of people know that of course, they are not going to stop paying and run for no reason. They are generally going to have a serious and unavoidable issue that causes it necessary for them to do so, and for this, most of the mobile phone carriers will probably generously offer to waive the penalty fee. Sadly, breaking a cell phone contract is very tricky and most of time they show no mercy.

Why, they won’t even demonstrate any understanding if you inform them to you have just lost your earning or you have to relocate to another side of the world altogether for a new job. Hence is there no chance? Is there no method to avoid paying the hefty penalty to get rid your cell phone contract?

The most important thing you must to do is to try to provide a good reason to your carrier. Certainly, most of them don’t want to lose a loyalty and paying customer. If you hope to get rid your cell phone contract because you are not happy with some kind of rule and regulation the company has, they usually could be influenced to make some special exemption in your case just so that they can continue to keep you. If you are unlucky and lost your job or if you have to move, due to a death in the family or some other reasons, while they will not hurry to help you, it is still worth trying. It is not unknown for them to waive the penalty or fee. But you do have to keep trying; discussing with everyone you get on the customer service line at the company.

There Is A Way to Avoid Paying Penalty if You Wish Plan A Cell Phone Contract Buyout

Many of the users don’t understand this, but there is such a method is called cell phone contract swapping. As soon as you plan to sign a cell phone contract with some other carrier, there is possibly someone at that company who wishes to come to yours. There are special 3rd party services like CellSwapper where users from all over the country register who wish to get rid of their cell phone contract in exchange for another cell phone contract that someone else has. By doing this, you can avoid to pay any kind of penalty.

cell phone contractCellular carriers in fact salivate over the thought of every new coming customer. They want them so much that they are willing to pay your previous termination fee for you. But this will not happen, if you are currently on T-Mobile and you wish to change to AT&T, you cannot find any special cell phone contract like this coming your way. But there are many other second-tier carriers that wish to offer this, example, Boost, Virgin and Ting, among others, will easily offer this. They usually require the new customers to apply for cell phone contract online.

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