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Our Special Reports – Boost Mobile Reviews

Boost mobile was founded by peter Adderton in Australia in the year 2000. It has since grown to become an established brand and is currently marketed by operators both in the United States and Australia. Currently, it offers a wide range of products. This ranges from a selection of Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, ZTE, HTC, LG and Kyocera. Its latest product is the HTC One SV which operates on sprint. From many users experiences, Boost Mobile provides a decent phone service, with no credit check and hidden charges. If you are looking for normal talking as well as text, and their service will suite your need. Read more our Boost Mobile reviews now.

Boost mobile boasts of certain services and features. It offers boost live which is essentially a virtual media store where users can download ringtones, screensavers wallpapers and other mobile content. Another feature on boost mobile is the mobile ID which offers selected apps especially on the android platform to users. Other features include ring back tones, a re-boost app on Facebook, boost music, boost zone and AirG Hookt which is a social network where users chat and connect with friends wirelessly. From our Boot Mobile reviews, the service provider offers a variety array of wireless mobile phones and unlimited plan with low price.

What’s the best thing about Boost Mobile? Our Boot Mobile Reviews….

Boost mobile has been widely acclaimed by users as one of the best brands. First it offers value for money for customers. You get a good price for whatever you buy. Furthermore there are no hidden charges. A $50 charge remains just that. Other brands often have hidden charges on their offers. The monthly bill on boost is a flat rate with no additional charges whatsoever. Moreover, boost mobile has a nice array of mobile phones with very good unlimited and low pricing plans. The most popular among users is the $50 unlimited plan with shrinkage. The discounts offered by boost when a customer pay his or her bill in time makes it by far the best brand out there. Phone call quality is also very impressive. From our Boot Mobile reviews, the international plan where users can call to over 45 countries is also very popular especially for people who travel a lot. It’s cheap as compared to other brands and thus many users opt for boost instead of other brands. Who wouldn’t want free shipping? Boost mobile offers free shipping to its customers anywhere within the United States. So users can buy phones offered on boost and sit back without worries about how to get the product delivered to them. Other merits of boost include a quality text messaging service that works instantly. The walkie talkie also works pretty well. Besides, you can visit their official website for the detail Boot Mobile coverage map.

Most of the unhappy complains from Boost Mobile reviews has been about the actual mobile phones line-up for the company and not anything to do with the network service and Boost Mobile customer service, so with the new company promotion, Bring Your Own Cell phone options, the problem is solved. You can subscribe to Boost Mobile service and at the same time you can have the flexibility to use on your own mobile phone. In our Boost Mobile reviews, users now can get the iPhone but did not want to pay high monthly price, so with iPhone option offered by Boost Mobile iPhone, an individual can get an iPhone with Boost and pay no contract, with as low as $60 per month. Let’s say we compare with AT&T, after 6 months of service you can enjoy saving the difference between $60 that charged by Boost Mobile and $140 charged by AT&T. It is $80 X 6 Months = $480 of saving!!! Sounds great right!!!

boost mobile reviewsIn our Boots Mobile reviews conclusion, boost mobile is a great brand to join. Users can rely on its cheap offers which are budget friendly and value for money. Boost has been great in providing services across the United States and users are assured of exceptionally great customer service. Their wide ranges of smartphones from as low as $100 make boost a preferred brand by many users. I would highly recommend boost mobile. It’s just different from all other brands. For instance, there are no phone contracts and no credit checks on its customers. Most importantly, boost puts customers’ needs first and responds to any queries raised by its customers on time. It’s the best and users rate it highly in review sites. join the boost revolution today and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. It’s most certainly a very good bargain.

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