Sprint Picture Mail | Pulling the plug on the service?

by Gina Tina on September 4, 2012

Sprint Picture Mail’s Online Data Storage

Online data storage has been very useful for internet users these days – Sprint Picture Mail is one data storage feature that’s very useful for Sprint consumers. It allows you to store files such as pictures and videos just by uploading it to a host website. If your computer or mobile device doesn’t have enough memory to store your files, you can easily sign up to a host site that offers this feature and upload your files through an internet connection. Sprint is one of these host websites that offer online data storage for consumers. Instead of storing files from a computer, Sprint Picture Mail allows you to store your pictures and videos online. If your mobile device doesn’t have enough memory to store your files, or you are planning to share your pictures and videos to someone, you can easily use this featured offered by Sprint. It also makes it easier for you to transfer pictures and videos to your computer since you don’t have to purchase mobile device-computer cable connectors. Picture mail may be one of the best features Sprint has provided through the years. So, how does it work?

If you’re new to this feature from Sprint, it only takes a minute to know how it works. Of course, you’ll have to take pictures or videos from your mobile device first. Once you have the files taken in your mobile device, you can upload it by browsing the options menu of your mobile device’s picture viewer. As you choose the “upload” option, you will be asked to access the Sprint Picture Mail website. If you don’t have an account for this feature, you will be prompted to create an account first – accomplishing this task will provide you a username and password to access your picture mail account. This account information will be sent though SMS that you can use to get to your account. Now you can upload pictures and videos through Sprint Picture Mail without any problems. If you logged into your account, you can see all the photos and videos you have upload through the Sprint instinct picture mail feature.

Uploading pictures and videos is not only the features offered by Sprint Picture Mail. In fact, it allows you to organize the files you have uploaded so it won’t take time to look for a particular file. If you’ve been to a special event (such as birthday or wedding parties), you can easily upload the pictures you have taken and organize it in a separate photo album. The only issue about this feature is that it’s not free – uploading or sending the pictures require fees. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, Sprint Picture Mail might not be very useful in terms of saving money. On the other hand, you can maximize your unlimited data plan by using this service.

Discontinuation of Sprint Picture Mail

After a few years of operation, Sprint Picture Mail service has finally come to an end. Users of this service have been very upset about it, thinking that they won’t be able to retrieve all of their files. It was announced after the first quarter of 2012 and users were informed to retrieve their files before it was deleted. The reason for this might be because of the overwhelming amount of files uploaded through the service – the host might not be able to control it anymore. Another thing that must have closed the service is the amount of returns given by Sprint Picture Mail. Sprint Picture Mail service is still allowed users to send photos but the users no longer can store and access the photos online. If you’re dying to have this service go back again, you might want to try alternatives for storing data online. Check with Sprint customer service if you need more help.

Best Alternatives for Sprint Picture Mail Service

sprint picture mailThe best alternatives you can use are the online data storage services offered by independent companies on the web. These companies does not only offer data storage – they offer mobile device syncing, remote uploads, and data backups. Unlike Sprint Picture Mail (this service can only be purchased by Sprint users), online data storage companies work in any smart phone all over the world. Of course, you must have an internet to have this service and pay for the fees it requires. This alternatives are proven and tested to work for you. It might not be included in your provider’s monthly billing but these services are definitely the best Sprint Picture Mail alternatives.

Other dedicated photo storage sites are:

Flickr – Simple to use and allow users to organize their photos into photo albums. Free of charge but free account will not be adequate for users who want to upload their existing large database. Besides, the uploaded photos will be compressed.

Photobucket – It is very popular as it offers unlimited photo and video storage.

Snapfish – Simple interface with unlimted storage but sometimes the interface are overly emphasizes the paid printing services.

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